Product Description


Vaporizer Adventurer – New, Unique and Revolutionized Herb Vaporizer

Adventurer Vaporizer FocusvapeMeet the new portable herb vaporizer, designed and produced by Focusvape, which  offers regular vapers incredible experience in the vaping world.
The Adventurer is one of the first vaporizers on the market that has integrated Water Filter or H2O mouthpiece, which makes smooth and more enjoyable experience.
Water Bubbler is already integrated – this is why you will forget about old school bongs or Water Filter accessories. The Adventurer offers you discreet and incredible bong experience like you have never seen before.

Are you ready for an adventure?

High-Quality vaporizer device comes along with all necessary accessories which you will be needing for the use. Despite that we are do have all the spare parts and accessories in our offer, so you can order them anytime you want.
OLED Display, Changeable Battery, Vibrating System, huge Heating Chamber, precise Temperature Display, integrated Water Bubbler and much more.

As like the related devices, the Adventurer has high-drain Samsung/LG Battery 18650, which charges quickly via USB or external charger (not included in set). It has a wide temperature scale from 80°C up to 240°C, which is not a common feature in related devices.

Integrated Water Bubbler

The Adventurer is a very first vaporizer on the market that has  integrated Water Bubbler. Which is discreetly integrated in the device and it’s seen through the little window on a side of the device, which also has beautiful green light, which makes the device even more attractive.
The good thing is that the Bubbler is made with great quality – so the water can’t split.



Adventurer Focusvape Kit SetThe Adventurer features precise temperature control which means operating the device is simple and straight forward. Just turn the unit on, set the temperature, wait for it to heat up and enjoy your vapor.

The temperature control ensures that users will be able to set the device to their preferred hit setting for a fully customizable session. The water filter and cap system leave a bit to be desired when it comes to ease of use.

It can be a pain to remember to top up your water filter before your session and if you just leave the water in there over multiple sessions your vapors flavor will begin to diminish. While it’s not a huge deal breaker, it is just one more step you have to take before you can vaporize.


Big Heating Chamber

On the bottom of the device, there is a heating chamber which is accessible by removing a magnet disc. It is really big and it’s design enables evenly heated herbs.


Precise Temperature Setting

Adventurer offers users precise temperature setting, so anyone can set it up to it’s sweet spot. There is a wide specter of temperature – from 80°C up to 240°C.
For users that enjoy more cloudy experience, the integrated Water Bubbler is a perfect decision. It makes smoother vape and it disables irritation. Water Bubbler colds down the vape and makes it more enjoyable, this is why the aroma of the herbs stays very tasteful

Adventurer vibration vapingVibrating System

The device reminds you of the standby mode with vibration. This is very practical feature of Focusvape devices, which are not common in featured in similar devices. When it hits the right temperature, the device vibrates. This is very useful for outdoor or off-road use.


Outter Device

The device looks very modern and it’s high quality designed. The common boxed shape is very popular in vaping world. It has good grip in the hand. You can choose between black, silver and blue metal color, and meanwhile the usage there is a nice little window with green led lights shining on a Water Bubbler.


Changeable Battery

The Adventurer features a removable 18650 which is always a welcome feature in any vaporizer. This means you can carry extra batteries and swap it on the go. From our tests the included 18650 lasted roughly 4 – 6 sessions with moderate use.
It can be charged by direct USB cable or external charger (*external charger not included in set, but available in our accessories offer)

You can buy extra battery anytime in our offer. The spare batteries are very useful on an outdoor or off-road use.


Awesome Features:

  • Integrated discreet Water Bubbler
  • OLED Display
  • Changeable battery (high quality)
  • Wide temperature range (up to 240°C)
  • Vibrating system
  • Huge heating chamber



-Wide range temperatures
-Changeable 18650 (3200mAh Samsung) battery

Set Content:

1*USB Charger
1*Cleaning brush
1*Dab Tool
2*Silicon ring
1*Pyrex Mouhpiece
1*User Manual