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FENIX is a new convection vaporizer for herbs and waxes/concentrates/oils from the manufacturer “Weecke”.
Delivers most flavorful vape experience

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Product Description

FENIX Convection Vaporizer

FENIX is a new convection vaporizer for herbs and waxes/concentrates/oils from the manufacturer “Weecke”.

Patented Convection System

In respect to convection (in contrast to conduction) the heating of the air is done before and not by the heat chamber. Vaporizer with convection heating system distinguishes itself that there is no traction resistance (which can be often seen in the squinted cheeks) in order to regulate the air supply. The high performance heating element provides for a (nearly) free passage and make the entire vaporization experience considerably more pleasant.

Special Smoke Intelligent Identification and Sensor Protection
With this function the vapor is generated evenly and that is achieved without any burning. Through the many little holes FENIX has to offer the hot air is sucked and the herbs are evenly and effectively vaporized. The vapor itself offers a pure taste.

4 temperature levels

FENIX offers four different temperature levels: 170°C, 180°C, 190°C and 210°C which is sufficient for most herbs.

Totally segregated air channel

During inhalation the air is sucked through a metal pathway without any electrics being interferred with. The result is a pure and safe vaporization experience.

Herbs and concentrates can be vaporized

The delivered concentrate / wax or oil capsule also allows you to vaporize waxes and concentrates.

Mouthpiece with magnetic fastener and easy cleaning

The removable mouthpiece has a magnetic fastener and is easy to clean.

Details of FENIX:
– Patented parallel convection technology
– Premium heating chamber with convection heating technology
– Intelligent vapor identification module
– Intelligent sensor: Protection for avoiding burns
– Swift heating time of only 20 to 30 seconds
– 4×2 Multi-Shift function
– 2 different inhalation modus levels: “gentle” and “expanded”
– Input: DC 5 V/1 A
– Battery capacity: 2200 mAh (LG Class A lithium battery)
– Measurements: 111 mm x 28 mm x 58 mm

 FENIX package include :

  • 1x FENIX Vaporizer – Newest version
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Tool for filling
  • 1x Wax/Oil capsule
  • 1x USB charging Cable
  • 1x Sieve & silicone ring
  • 1x Manual (German and English)