Focusvape is a Premium Vaporizer with Amazing Functions

Controlled Airflow

This amazing feature allows users to set their favorite air flow, which is as practical for mouth-to-lung users as it is for direct-lung users. Choosing a device based on different vaping stiles is no longer needed because, Focusvape got it all.

Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is made out of two main parts: a high quality Pyrex glass tube and a golden filter with a triple filtration system including the ceramic heat release air tunnel. Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to clean!

Removable battery!

There are not many vaporizers out there that offer amazing options to simply change the battery, when needed. That is why we highly recommend to carry a spare LG 18650 high drain battery in your pocket!

Fast heat up

This device will be ready to use in only less than 20 seconds after you turn on the heating. Heat up time between sessions is just 10-15 seconds. Our larger new ceramic heating chamber has raised the standards of vaping devices.

Celsius Display (°C)

Devices are made for the European market with Celsius (°C) display and allow the user to set any temperature setings between 80°C and 240°C. We always guarantee that we send to our customers only the latest Focusvape versions, for which this description applies.

You will receive a User Manual in English, French, German and Spanish.

Vibrating function

Hard to believe, right? It’s true. Focusvape will also vibrate to tell you when it is ready to use.

I really love it, I am quite impressed with Focusvape.
I think it could be my new favorite vaporizer!
Epic Herbs Review
Right away, I was quite excited to see it.
It’s just a really pretty and clean design. I’m pretty impressed with Focusvape!
Danielle, The Dab Spot

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The Dab Spot

We were so happy to receive Danielle’s feedback. She immediately fell in love with this device and she says it feels and looks amazing!

Epic Herbs Review

A popular world wide known herb accessories reviewer, known as Epic Herbs Review, was totally amazed by the qualities of Focusvape!

Drews Herbal Rewievs

Drew not only showed the outside of the device but also explained it’s functions. Check it out if you’re a “TV over Manuals” kind of person.

Focus PRO – Mike’s reviews

Mike is a known vaporizer reviewer. He made a very detailed  review, considering all the facts.

Focus Pro review by Kushbury

Kushbury made a 10 minutes video review of amazing Focusvape Pro. He also explains it’s functions and uses water bubbler.

Focus PRO & Water Bubbler by Drew

Drew tested Focusvape Pro and made a review about it. Check it out if you’re a “TV over Manuals” kind of person.




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