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focusvape accessories

Focusvape Accessories only

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If you already own a Focusvape device and need only accessories, you can order it here.

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Product Description

Focusvape accessories & Spare Parts for all Focusvape devices

Focusvape accessories are what makes Focusvape devices truly amazing. You can choose from many useful accessories and extra parts, for your Focusvape device. You can order them simply by checking the fields of wanted accessories, before adding the product to the basket. Please note that basic kit already includes some of the spare parts, but you may need more in time.
focusvape accessories oil&wax-cartOil & Wax cart – Ceramic oil & wax cart is indispensable accessory when it comes to vaping aromatic oils or waxes, without the risk of oil spillage inside the device. With all this focusvape accessories, your device become very powerful 3 in 1 vaporizer device, which means that it is suitable for vaping dry herb, oils and waxes.
Herb Bullet – Bullet is made out of high quality stainless steel and it fits perfectly in your devices heating chamber. Changing your herbs have Herb chart or Herb Bulletnever been so easy outside of your home, because you can prepare/fill up many bullets with herbs and just change used bullet with fresh one on the spot in few seconds. You receive 1 plastic holder for every 2 bullets.
Silica cover cap – Focusvape PRO have one of the best mouthpieces with high quality Pyrex glass top, but some users prefer to vape trough silicone cap, because it is softer and safer. Also, it’s recommended to change silica cap when sharing the device with others.


Focusvape silikonski nastavek


Water Bubbler Focusvape

Premium Water Bubbler – Focusvape PRO water bubbler comes in separate premium Focusvape box. It’s one of the best water bubblers out there and also very easy to use.
(Note * Read the instructions before use – can be removed only after turning it upside down, so the water drains)


screensExtra filter screens  – You receive 3 extra filter screens among with the inserted one with the basic kit. You can place 1 or 2 screens in the filter at once. Because filter screens can wear out, it is recommendable to order extra filter screens.

Metal uni-size Bong adapter – This amazing accessory is one of the reasons Focusvape is as popular as it is. Bong adapter is made out of stainless steal and it’s designed to fit in in every classic size (14 mm or 18 mm) bong. Bong adapter has its own filter and screw system, it’s mounted the same way as the mouthpiece.





brush&dabberSpare Packing tool & Cleaning Brush – Packing tool is made out of stainless steal and it’s handle is wide and large, to ensure a strong grip.
Cleaning brush is strong and long lasting.


Wall Battery Charger – Original Focusvape external wall battery charger. It charges all types of 18650 batteries. The charger comes in separate packaging, with EU plug and 75 cm cable.
Battery – Focusvape have changeable battery, so carrying a full spare in your pocket is always a good idea. We recommend using only the original LG 18650, 3200mAh battery.




Stainless Waterpipe adapter (14mm/18mm)                       Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece                 Metal uni-size Bong adapter (14mm/18mm)
/Glasmundstück                                                                                                                                                  /Wasserfilter-Adapter aus Edelstah

                                                                              glass mouthpice                                              Metal uni-size Bong adapter

Mouthpiece Cap Silicone                                  Mouthpiece Ring (Chamber Connector)                           Mouthpiece base
/Staubschutzkappe                                           /Mundstück-Dichtung (Kammerverbinder)

silicon mouthpiece                                                        mouthpiece ring                                                              mouthpice base

Mouthpiece screen filter(3 pcs in one bag)                       Chamber Mesh (3 pcs in one bag)               Ceramic filter for Mouthpiece
/Siebe (3 Stck.) für Mundstück                                              /Siebe (3 Stck.) für Heizkammer                 /Keramikfilter für Mundstück

screen filter                                                                          chamber mesh                                              ceramic filter

New Waterbubbler in Giftbox (2 parts) /Wasserfilter in weißer Verpackung (zweiteilig) Focusvape PRO
water bubbler

White Wax Pod /Keramik-Kapsel für Waxe/Liquide
wax cart

Dry Herb Steel Pod / Kapsel für Kräuter   Liquid Steel Pod /Kapsel für Liquide
dry steel podliquid steel pod

Dry Herb Cart (incl. 2 herb pods) /Behälter aus Plastik (inkl. 2 Kräuterkapseln)
herb bullet

Focusvape Capsule Caddy with focusvape logo (Aluminum / Green / Silver  /incl. 2 pods) / Focusvape Behälter aus Aluminium inkl. 2 Kräuterkapseln als Schlüsselanhänger (Grün,Silber))
focusvape capsule focusvape capsule silver

                  Focusvape / Focusvape Pro                                    Focusvape Pro S

Chamber Connector                                 Screw Cap                                  Bubbler Adapter                               Screw cap
/ Kammerverbinder                         / Schraubverschluss                 / Wasserfilter-Adapte                / Schraubverschluss

chamber connector                             screew cap                 water bubbler base                 screew cap cap


Focusvape Adventurer
(colors: green, black)

discreet mouthpiece set (flat)          glass mouthpiece set                Chamber Connector Base        Heating Chamber Cover
/ Glasmundstück-Set                     /Kammerverbinder-Basis           /Heizkammerdeckel
discrete mouthpiece set                        glass mouthpiece set                       discrete mouthpiece set                    heating chmaber cover





Waterbubbler Base                  Waterbubbler in Giftbox                            Chamber Mesh                     Air Channel Mesh 
/Wasserfilter-Ventil                /Wasserfilter in weißer Verpackung  / Heizkammer-Sieb       / Luftkanal-Sieb (3 pcs. / 3 Stck.)
water bubbler base                          water bubbler adventurer               chamber mesh adventurer                 air channel mesh





Focusvape Tourist

          Titanium Nail                                  Dry  Herb Head (without mouthpiece)                           Wax/Oil Head (without nail)
/ Nagel aus Titan                            /Heizelement für Kräuter (ohne Mundstück               /Heizlement für Wachs/Öl (ohne Nagel)

titanium nail                          dry herb head                                   wax herb head


     Main Body                    Battery Tube (without battery)             Stand (magnetic)                  Waterbubbler (wax/oil mode)
/ Hauptelement                            /Batteriefach                       / magnetischer Standfuss       /Wasserfilter für Wachs-/Öl-Modus
main body                    battery tube              magnetic stand                             tourist water bubbler


Battery LG 3,200mAh Battery               LG 2,500mAh Battery                      USB cable                             Wall Charger                         Car Charger
/ LG 3200 mAh Akku                              / LG2500 mAh Akku                        /USB-Kabel

battery 3,200 mAh                            battery 2,500 mAh                     usb cabel


Dabber + Brush
/Reinigungsstab und Bürste
cleaning set